Tesselation.  Demetrios of Sermium . Run through with spears.

Eoin O'Dowd - Collage 2017

  Myrrh-streamer. Found Image. Tesselation. Paper Collage. 2017. 


Tesselation. Experimental Curatorial Practice IV

Eoin O'Dowd - Collage - Art - artist - eoin o dowd - eoin o 'dubhda - collage

These things reveal themselves in time. Found Image. Paper Collage. 2016.

Experimental Curatorial Practice IV

Collective group crit. Eight Gallery Dublin. September 2016.


These things reveal themselves in time. Paper Collage. 2016




Exhibition opening 6-8pm Thursday 18th February.
Continues Friday 19th – Sunday 21st 12-4pm
Ormond Studios, 6 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1.

2016… is a spontaneous exhibition by members of Ormond Studios, an independent artist-led space in Dublin City. The title announces a here and now, whilst invoking an unknown, or perhaps an invitation to imagine. It also serves as a simple framing device, with some works emerging literally from within dimensions of 20 x 16.

Rather than adhering to a strict overarching curatorial theme, each piece represents a fleeting point in an ongoing creative practice, each with a defined direction specific to each maker, but with an open-ended, undetermined procedural trajectory.
To bring these disparate points together is to reflect on the nature of the shared studio space: a crossroads for converging and divergent pathways.

Artworks appear as both full stops and ellipses, self-contained yet loaded with the possibility inherent in the unstated, suggesting infinite permutations of form and interpretation.




Animated Shorts for noise/experimental/post-industrial music bastard.

Short clips made as preliminary studies for an animated music video for the delectable and sordid Luxury Mollusc. Expected to be completed late 2016.




Memento | IMOCA artist collection at Standard Gallery, Spain

13 May to 5 June 2016
Standard Gallery, 43 Calle Luis Oliag, Monteolivete, Valencia, Spain

Memento is an exhibition curated from the collection of the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art [IMOCA.ie], at the new Standard Gallery in Valencia, Spain. The show includes works by Irish artists Suzanne Mooney, Eoin O’Dowd, Paul Murnaghan and Paul Regan among others. Standard Galería y Estudios is the newest affiliate art center in the IMOCA network.

standard-art.org | imoca.ie


Lorenzo di Credi / Tetrahedron.

Eoin O'Dowd Art Artist Collage Digital

Portrait of a young woman lorenzo di credi 1490 – 1500 / 400 layer 64 point piece Tetrahedron.

Tape Art for a small musical collective (now defunct), I briefly was lucky enough to  enjoy being a part of. Though digital works are far less involving and contemplative to create than the physical ones, they may inform some other transgression. Experiences like these, however short, are immensely influential. Continuously returning to musical aspirations, egged on by positive experiences and good company.





Ormond Stew

 Eoin O'Dowd. Inner going ons. Live Feed Projection.

Inner going ons. Live Feed Projection.2015.

As most recent members of Ormond Studios. We undertook a series of interviews with current members in an effort to create dialogue among members and revitalise practice. Having held multiple open crits with many contesting voices and other not so vocal, we felt the need for a personalised discussion with members. Having done so and been introduced to each’s discipline we presented our findings in the form of a co curated exhibition.


Ormond-Stew - Ormond Studios 2015

Ormond-Stew – Ormond Studios 2015

‘Ormond Stew’ is influenced by the artistic practices of the members currently residing in Ormond Studios from the perspective of its newest members, Eoin O’Dowd and Steven Maybury,

The exhibition examines how practices can exist and influence each other in this artist-led initiative.

It aims to challenge and reflect upon the creative atmosphere in such an environment, and is an experiment meant to encourage conversation and integration among it’s members.

A series of conversations were conducted amongst members in the realizing of the show.
Through the course of these meetings, thematic language and common themes arose that helped shaped the show.

self reflection / self – actualization / deliberation / a place for contemplation / an integral part to practice*life / shared experiences / sensory submersion / trust in simplicity / definitions are finite / reading not explaining / suggestion / digestion and observation / deceitful memory / recreated memories / objects as vehicles of memory / representations of constructed or false realities  / imaginary situations /


Opening: 7 – 9pm
17 & 18th of September.

All other viewings by appointment.






Esc Postcards

Ireland Postcard Reassemblage / Medical Textbook Reassemblage - Eoin O'Dowd collage

Ireland Postcard Reassemblage / Medical Textbook Reassemblage.

Very happy to participate in Esc Zine’s Postal Esc. Esc is a non for profit independent publication promoting multidisciplinary arts, a platform for visual art and literary works. This is the second attempt of a similar project where after having started in Ireland and visited multiple countries, upon nearing it’s final destination, was sadly misplaced/lost prior to my obtaining it.



Recent works.

Boy. Found Image. Paper Collage. 2015

Boy. Found Image. Paper Collage. 2015


Experimenting with overlapping a variety of shapes in preparation for much larger work. Image – Family Health Manual 1979.


Holy Sepulchure # 1

Holy Sepulchure # 1 9.5"x6.5" Found Image. Card. Paper Collage (2013) Eoin O'Dowd

Holy Sepulchure # 1
Found Image. Card.
Paper Collage (2013)